Font Mega Pack 
✰ Making this because I have got a few messages asking for another 

⇨This Font pack includes 20 fonts They are individually linked and then I also made a massive .zip file with all of them

Box One Includes ❝DK Aderyn / Channel / Art Brush / Klaine / Soymilk

Box Two Includes ❝Bready / Cabaret / Brannboll / Zebra / Hand Of Cre

Box Three Includes ❝Deftone Stylus / JTWYA / Sail /Mossy / Edo SZ

Box Four Includes ❝Machinescript / Jey / Belta / Playground /Retrolined

All font download link (X)

If the link breaks or something, please let me know. 
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« If you have any problems or want to know how you use them just come to my  ask »

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Fangtasia [Theme 04]

live preview - download

  • Up to 7 custom links
  • Sidebar background/image aligned bottom { no separate sidebar gif, image max width 350px }
  • 500px posts
  • Customisable backgrounds { sidebars and full blog }

Credit; basic post styles by seascapethemes
Fangtasia edit by me.

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3

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[~for My Viking Prince <3]

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Like this post if you’ve managed to get an understanding on how to create this effect. Also feel free to message me if you have an issues with creating the edit. (Its the best not the gif which is shown about its showing the before and afters.)

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↳ Live Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)

  • A full page sidebar theme.
  • Double sidebar image.
  • 2 custom links available.
  • All colors are customizable.
  • Sidebar images are 100px x 100px.
  • Sidebar background image is 360px wide.
  • Webkit scrollbar.
  • Option for infinite scrolling.
  • Icons credit: [  ]
  • Feel free to approach me if you have any questions.
  • Reblog and/or like if you’re using them.
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How to color dark shows (tvd/teen wolf) by resourcings


ok so



I chose a very dark teen wolf scene to do this

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teen psds 01 - download

please like the post if you download it =)

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Grainy black and white effect Tutorial




okay so someone asked me how i did this effect, so, um here’s an attempt of a tutorial for it.  please do note that english isn’t my native language and perfect grammar is the least of my concern (this is no essay!) haha 

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Tips on - Describing Hairstyles



Writing about hair and hairstyles is something that always seemed more difficult to me than other kinds of physical description for a character. And there will always be a point, as a writer where you’ll have to describe what your character’s hair look like, no matter if it’s always like this or for a special occasion. So, I collected some links I thought could be useful on the matter, whether about the writing part in itself or more an ‘inspiration part’



Character Graphics Sample #5

Male Redhead Masterlist


* This is a masterlist post of redheaded actors/models/etc. who actually have gifs. I would be great to see some more gingers out there! Currently the only FCs you’ll see here are ones with more than 50 gifs. I will be updating this list as more people get more and more gifs. Don’t hesitate to give me suggestions to add! *

  • (There are 13 males here, each with over 100 gifs)

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